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about-cctvMonitoring, preventing and proving – CCTV helps you to be safe and secure. Our engineers can integrate it for you in the most professional way as we are approved from DPS (Department of Protective Systems).

about-access-controlOur customized access control system provides applications from small multi-door systems to enterprise wide, networked systems with thousands of entry points.


Our Gate Barriers and Parking Equipment systems can operate as standalone units or can be networked providing a complete parking and access control solution. We find and install for you the best product out there.

A well installed and maintained CCTV system is simply great. It can be much more effective than conventional security methods. “Monitoring, Preventing and Proving” -CCTV covers almost all sides of your security. We are living in a technologically advanced city, Dubai. Here CCTV is everywhere like homes, offices, hotels, residential and commercial building, roads, shops, hospitals etc. . .Dubai is smart and they rightly know “A picture is worth thousand words” .We offer CCTV solutions for all kind of buildings, you name it. Whatever your security needs, we have the right solution.

Analog CCTV

Over 90% of systems sold are analog CCTV cameras due to its economical budget.. Analog CCTV cameras with digital recording offer great value for money of the cost. Our high resolution cameras offer clear good quality images and have built in infrared for night vision. Our digital recording gives a feature rich playback experience with built in networking functionality to enable remote viewing on PC’s, laptops, smartphones and tablets.


A 2 megapixel IP CCTV camera gives you more than 5 times the resolution of a conventional camera. Our HD systems give you get full site awareness and indisputable detail leading to the best evidence available. With just 1 camera doing the job of several conventional cameras, this can offer huge savings on installation costs as well as offering increased efficiency when reviewing footage.

Our customized access control system provides applications from small multi-door systems to enterprise wide, networked systems with thousands of entry points.

Why Electronic Access control?

For home

Electronic access control has lots of benefits over conventional access controls like keys. Keys could be easily copied and thus making a your building unsecured. Also there is always a chance of losing the keys and end up in changing the whole lock. But by using biometric access no one could be able open in to your building except you, and keeping your building safe and secured. Installing a electronic access control system means that you will never have to change your locks again!.

For office

Our system will register each login-logout time of your employees  and you will be able to link our client software to your payroll systems . It helps you in calculating overtime work  of an employee and the total working hours of the month. Each employee will be only allowed to enter your office in his specified working time. In case someone tries to enter into the office in a non-specified time machine will take a snapshot of the person and mail you straight away.

For hotels and other commercial buildings

Our networked access control systems can be 100% customized to meet any sophisticated projects. More than thousand entry points can be connected and our easily managed and user friendly interface software will allow you to control them all with the ease of a click.

We provide wide range of security gates and  barriers starting from cost effective stand alone units to sophisticated traffic management solutions. We integrate for you  security barriers,road blockers, sliding automatic gates and security bollards.  With a dedicated team for “security gates & barriers” installation and maintenance, we are offering you a complete tension free vehicle access solution.

Security Gates

Protecting your house,factory and warehouses from unauthorized vehicles and pedastrians has always been a major security need. Each of our products have been designed , installed and tested to the highest possible standards. Offering such a comprehensive product range ensures that INSPIRE TECHNOLOGIES will have a solution for your each and every specific needs.

Gate Barriers

Gate barriers are the ideal solution if you need to control vehicle transit in car parks, public parking areas, flats entrances and even the traffic is heavy.They are made of motor body and control unit protected by a metalic case. The choice of model of gate barrier depends on the width of the entrance and the type of use.